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Sustainable Cotton Video

7/31/18 Pesticide Permitting & Alfalfa Weed + Insect Control Field Day

7/24/18 Midseason Cotton Field Day

Project Apis m. Forage Initiative

3/21/18 Spring Almond Field Day

2/15/18 Grower Recruitment Meeting

12/12/17 Year End Grower Meeting

10/09/17 Post-Harvest Management Almond Field Day

7/11/17 Midseason Cotton Field Day

6/20/17 Alfalfa Pest Management and Pesticide Regulatory Update

5/11/17 UC Davis Small Grains and Alfalfa Field Day

3/28/17 Spring Almond Field Day

2/22/17 Pesticide & Pest Management Meeting

10/28/16 Almond Fall Management Field Day

9/22/16 Alfalfa Management Field Day

7/7/16 Midseason Cotton Field Day

3/30/16 Meeting- Pesticide & Pest Mgmt Issues in Alfalfa, Almonds & Cotton, and Springtime Almond Pest & Disease Update

9/10/15 Almond Post Harvest Management Field Day

7/15/15 Summer Alfalfa Meeting

4/9/15 Spring Almond Field Day: Crop & Pest Management, Nitrogen & Water Management, and more

3/12/15 Pesticide and Pest Management Issues in Almonds, Alfalfa and Cotton

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10/7/14 Almond Post Harvest Management Field Day

7/16/14 Mid-Season Cotton Update Field Day

6/9/14 Alfalfa Pest & Crop Management Meeting

4/17/2014 Almond Field Day: Monitoring Practices, Irrigation Tips, Pest & Disease Mgmt

2/11/14 Pest & Drought Management in Alfalfa, Almonds & Cotton

12/12/13 Almond Year-End Check-Up

6/5/13 Cotton Field Day- Herbicide Resistance, Pest Management, Water & Race 4 Fusarium

5/3/2013 Alfalfa Blue Aphid Informational Meeting

5/2/2013 Almond Pest & Crop Management Field Day

2/27/13 Alfalfa, Almond & Cotton Winter Mtg: Pest & Crop Mgmt and more!

7/24/12 Alfalfa & Cotton Sustainable Farming Meeting

7/19/12 Almond Pest Management Field Day

6/12/12 Cotton Field Day: Early Season Pest & Agronomic Management

4/19/12 Almond Field Day: Fruit Development Period- Pest & Fertilizer Mgmt.

2/28/12 Kick Off Field Day: Pest Management, Water Issues & More

12/14/11 SJSFP Grower Field Day

General SCP Videos

09/07/11 Cotton Production & Pest Management Field Day

11/28/11 Almond Pest Management Field Day: Planning for Next Year's Crop