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Why Cleaner Cotton™?

Cleaner Cotton™ Advantage
Cleaner Cotton™ growers lessen the impact of harmful chemicals by following ecologically friendly farming practices. The results are profound:
A Cleaner Cotton™ grower....
• Focuses on biologically based practices to manage pests.
• Avoids the most toxic chemicals used in cotton production.
• Uses almost 50% less chemicals than other cotton farmers in Fresno, Merced and Madera counties.
• Supports family farmers and rural economies in California.
• Provides high quality pima and acala cotton fiber.
• Offers a mainstream approach for cleaning up cotton in California.
• Uses non-genetically modified seed, ensuring market demand for non-GM seed in the future.
• Builds the emotional value of your brand.
• Serves as a model for other cotton growing regions and on other crops.
• Can be a mentor for growers who want to transition to organic farming practices.

Cleaner Cotton™'s edge over organic cotton
• Organic cotton production is virtually non-existent in California because it's unprofitable due to high labor and production costs.
• U.S. growers produce just 2 percent of world's organic cotton.
• Cleaner Cotton™ growers follow biologically based practices and plant non-genetically modified cottonseeds.
• Cleaner Cotton™ yields more than 1,400 pounds of cotton per acre compared to 925 pounds in organic production.
• Cleaner Cotton™ is a high quality California grown fiber.

Cleaner Cotton™'s edge over conventional cotton
• Conventional cotton follows chemically based production practices.
• More than 60 percent of conventional cotton in California is grown with genetically modified seeds.
• Conventional cotton averages 2.1 pounds of chemicals per acre compared to 1.1 pounds per acre for Cleaner Cotton™, which also eliminates use of the 13 most toxic chemicals.
• Conventional cotton yields 1,250 pounds per acre compared to 1,400 pounds for Cleaner Cotton™.
• Cleaner Cotton™'s water use per pound is less than conventional cotton and organic cotton.