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Integrating Cleaner Cotton™ into Product Lines
The road for cotton from the farm to the retail shelves follows a complex route. It's a route so complex that most retailers are unaware of the source of their cotton fiber.

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"It takes about a year from the time the cotton is harvested in the fall and the final cotton product arrives in the store. To guarantee a supply of Cleaner Cotton™ for production, a retailer must communicate with their supplier to deliver the message back through the supply chain to the growers in time for planting.

Here's how you can incorporate Cleaner Cotton™ into your product line

• Educate Management: Talk about Cleaner Cotton™ and its benefits to managers and owners to generate support from the top of the company. We offer toolkits and presentations to companies.

• Educate Peers: Tell company employees about the economic and environmental importance of California-grown Cleaner Cotton™. This ensures your co-workers understand and support the development of Cleaner Cotton™. We provide farm tours for company employees to meet farmers and learn first-hand about the environmental issues associated with cotton.

• Prepare in Advance: Work with production and sales people a year ahead of the target retail launch to project the number of units that will be produced with Cleaner Cotton™. SCP can help translate units and fabric weights into pounds of cotton fiber needed. We can facilitate dialogue and meetings with handlers throughout the supply chain.

• Ask for Cleaner Cotton™: Specify Cleaner Cotton to suppliers on spec sheets and purchase orders. Through a company's specifications, manufacturers, weavers and spinners will ask for Cleaner Cotton™.

• Connect with Cleaner Cotton™ Suppliers: Some suppliers can work with local manufacturers or ship to a manufacturer your choice to produce Cleaner Cotton™ garments, fabrics, yarn or fiber.

• Promote Your Products: Check out the artwork for Cleaner Cotton™ and download it to make your own hangtags and promotional materials.