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Cleaner Cotton™ Growers

Our growers operate large and small scale farms in California's San Joaquin Valley, growing everything from cotton to tomatoes to pomegranates to corn. They are demonstrating how biological pest controls work effectively in diverse growing conditions.

Frank Williams, Windfall Farms:
"It's probably left an indelible mark
on how we look at things and how we culturally grow our cotton."

Our program leaves a lasting imprint on our growers. Surveys indicate most growers continue to use biological controls even after they leave the Cleaner Cotton program and adopt Integrated Pest Management practices for their other crops.

"Growers are finding new ways that are better for the environment and the consumer," said Chad Crivelli, a third generation California farmer and Cleaner Cotton™ grower. "Farmers can still make a profit growing cotton and reduce their use of chemicals. That's a great feeling."