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SCP’s farm program brings together a community of family farmers growing cotton in California's Fresno, Madera and Merced counties. With SCP's support and guidance from experts at UC IPM and UC Cooperative Extension, these growers are changing the way they farm by implementing biologically based practices, which protect the land, air and water resources in the region. The fiber that these farmers produce as part of  SCP's program is called Cleaner Cotton™.

Cleaner Cotton™ Fiber...

  • Is high quality fiber, both Pima and Acala varieties.

  • Utilizes biological farming practices. Click here for more information.

  • Eliminates the 13 most toxic chemicals used in conventional cotton cultivation in California, reducing toxicity in our air, soil and watersheds.

  • Receives a modest premium, paid directly to the farmer to help support these practices.

  • Is tracked from field to spinner, using the USDA Permanent Bale Identification barcode and data. Click here for more information.

Cleaner Cotton ™is local, cleaner and links manufacturers, brands and consumers directly with the farmers.

Gary and Mari Martin of Pikalok Farms have been working with SCP and growing Cleaner Cotton™ for over 10 years.

Why Cleaner Cotton™ instead of organic?
The cost to grow organic cotton in California is higher than brands are willing to pay. In organic trials that SCP farmers have run, organic cotton fields yielded as much as 30% less fiber than conventional. Cleaner Cotton™, on average, yields more than 1,250 pounds of cotton per acre compared to average yields of 925 pounds in organic production. Lacking a secure market, farmers are unwilling to risk the lower yields and corresponding decrease in financial return.  Click here for more details.

Where can I buy Cleaner Cotton™?
The Sustainable Cotton Project is working with a number of supply chain partners to bring Cleaner Cotton™ to market. Cleaner Cotton™ is now available in bales, roving, yarns, knit fabrics and final products.

For more information on Integrating Cleaner Cotton™ into your product lines click here or contact Lynda Grose directly.

Also, If you are a student or represent a college/university, ask us about our Care What U Wear campaign and help us bring Cleaner Cotton™ into collegiate apparel at your college.

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California Cloth Foundry

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