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Cleaner Cotton™ Marketing Campaign

Cleaner Cotton™ is the name for the responsibly grown fiber produced by the cotton farmers enrolled in the Sustainable Cotton Project. Grown without using the 13 most toxic chemicals in conventional cotton production in California, utilizing non-genetically modified seed, and biologically based integrated pest management practices, this sustainable fiber is local and available for use in your products.

Photo Credit: Karina Corbett

At the prompting of one of our SCP growers, SCP has trademarked Cleaner Cotton™ and created the Cleaner Cotton™ Campaign to bring the value added fiber into the supply chain. Cleaner Cotton™ growers see a reward in the marketplace for making changes to the way they farm. Your use of this fiber supports those changes.

Cleaner Cotton™ Campaign
SCP launched the Cleaner Cotton™ Campaign to increase the supply and demand for California grown Cleaner Cotton™. The campaign works at all levels of the cotton supply chain to connect retailers with preferred handlers for Cleaner Cotton™ fiber, yarn, fabric and finished products. California cotton is among the highest quality in the world, characterized by long and extra long staple fibers. Cleaner Cotton™ is suited for all grades of yarns including 1/30's and finer. To participate in the Cleaner Cotton™ Campaign, to purchase fiber, or to get more information contact SCP's marketing representative, Lynda Grose.

Why join the Cleaner Cotton™ Campaign?
Cleaner cotton supports California family farmers and rural communities. It is grown from non-genetically modified seed, and significantly reduces chemical use in cotton production in California. SCP introduces conventional growers to biological systems, and once they see how it works, they often use these practices in managing their other crops, in addition to their cotton. Cleaner Cotton™ has been a stepping-stone for growers who are interested in transitioning to organic practices.

Cleaner Cotton™, not organic
While many companies promote their use of organic cotton, it still represents less than 1 percent of global cotton acreage and very little organic cotton is produced in the US. And, it's not necessarily the best option. Meanwhile, in SCP's home state of California, cotton is among the top crops using the most chemicals.

SCP's farmers grow Cleaner Cotton™, which uses more than 70 percent fewer chemical inputs than conventional cotton and directly benefits the local environment.