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Fiber Footprint CalculatorFiber Footprint Calculator  

For each county shown below, please list the acreage of both Acala and Pima cotton varieties you will be planting this year.
County Acala Cotton Pima Cotton
Colusa acres acres
Fresno acres acres
Glenn acres acres
Kern acres acres
Kings acres acres
Imperial acres acres
Madera acres acres
Merced acres acres
Riverside acres acres
San Joaquin acres acres
Sutter acres acres
Tulare acres acres
Yolo acres acres
What growing techniques do you plan on using? Please also estimate the extent to which each technque will be applied.
Conventional acres
Organic acres
BASIC acres
How much cotton seed do you plan on using?
Conventional seed pounds
GMO-free seed pounds
Organic seed pounds
Approximately how many acre-feet of irrigation water will be required? Acre-feet
In the section below, please estimate the amount of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other chemical inputs you plan to use.
Fertilizers (lbs)
Herbicides (lbs)
Pesticides (lbs)
Fungicides (lbs)
Harvest aids (lbs)