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Buying Footprint CalculatorBuying Footprint Calculator  

Step 1: Choose your system.

What measurement system would you like to use?

Step 2: Calculate the weight of cotton fiber you will need.

If you know the weight and dimensions of the fabric you need and the number of garments select Option 1. If you only know the number of garments, select Option 2.

Option 1 - Input weight, dimensions, and number of garments Option 2 - Input number of garments by type

Based on the information you provided, you will need approximately: 23.5 kilograms of cotton fiber. After answering the remaining questions, we will estimate your fiber footprint.

Step 3: Choose the country or region for your planned purchase, cotton variety, and preferred growing technique.

Select what country and region you intend to purchase from.
On the map below, select what country and region you intend to purchase from. Or choose from the drop down list below. Feel free to select different countries and regions to see how the fiber footprint varies.

What variety are you interested in?
Are you interested in purchasing cotton that has been certified organic?

Step 4: Use the distance calculator to determine how far the cotton your currently purchase travels from where it's grown to your office/ warehouse.


Step 5: Now calculate how many miles your purchase of BASIC/ Cleaner CottonŽ would travel from Fresno, California (where it's grown) to your office/ warehouse.